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It has been broadcast in the United States on BBC America, and in Canada, the programme was viewed on BBC Canada, a digital cable channel, weeknights at North American Eastern Time.It was shown in Sweden, as Curry Curry talkshow, by SVT2 in 2004, and in the Netherlands on the public broadcasting foundation NPS (Nederland 3).Sony Television has produced an Indian version of the show called Batliwalla House No. In Russia, Channel One made the Armenian version of the show called Rubik Vsemogushchiy (en: Rubik Allmighty; Rubik is a short for the Armenian name Ruben).The idea of the show was that an Armenian named Rubik (played by Ruben Dzhaginyan) and his family interview the Russian stars (such as pop singers Vera Brezhneva and Anna Semenovich; TV presenters Dmitri Dibrov, Timur Rodriguez (real name Timur Yunusov), Valdis Pelsh and Sergei Svetlakov; and actors Igor Vernik and Anastasia Zavorotnyuk).

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and became another one of Fox's series which were scheduled, but never made it to air. The Australian version, Greeks on the Roof (featuring Greek Australians), debuted in 2003 but was soon taken off the air because of very low ratings.

ARY Digital has produced a Pakistani version of the show called Ghaffar at Dhoraji featuring a Gujarati family living in Karachi.

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