Co worker dating contract

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A service agreement is generally the most detailed and heavy duty type of employment contract.Normally this document would contain specific details about how the director should behave within the business and the scope and extent of their duties.The zero hours contract has proved to be somewhat controversial in recent times.The government is currently in the process of implementing certain restrictions on how zero hours contracts can be used.We can provide guidance to you in order to ensure that your contract fits your circumstances perfectly.This is probably the most common type of employment contract.A fixed-term employment contract is normally for temporary employees.

A normal employment contract would create a mutual obligation between the employer and the employee.The employer agrees to provide a certain amount of work and the employee agrees to go and carry that work out.The zero hours contract waters this obligation down by allowing the employer to require the employee to come to work without guaranteeing to provide work to the employee.We can guide you through the process of determining the type of employment contract that suits your business and accurately reflects the arrangements you have with your employees.The list below is not exhaustive and you should bear in mind that each of the employment contracts listed can have numerous variants.

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