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This year, pla Ti TK-r r K a ited ccrimbutians to Sl OO pe* person aztd have p mmtcpd In T c were not allowed to dnr mlmw. These ideas have driven virtually every major specdi he has ever delivered, and Monday’s inaugural address is likely to be no exception. Pago A4 A-2 TImet-New*, Twin Fb IIj, Idaho Sunda)i. The idea that letter and num-' ber reversals arc diagnostic of dyslexia is also myth. Addison OASIS STOP & CO #4 659 West Addison KRENCEL'S TRUE VALUE HARDWARE 628 Main AVe: s. “I don't tlunk- on paq prlrtii-^ J| 1 that we ihom (the Inangmal Please see WJUiawi. January 19, 1997 Tf Weather IDAHO Weather Eqeecasji. Dyslexic -chiidren-domor— -as-IVc-main* • tained for-years — “see things backwards.” In fact, the visual system- isn’t at all involved in dyslexia, and reversals arc not unusual in dysicxics and non- dyslexics alike until age 8. Page CIO Section by section Section A Weather 2 Nation 3-5 Worid 6-7 ldaho/West...8-9 Opinion 10-11 Section B Magic Valley ..14 Obituaries 2 Lunch menus ...4 Section C Family Life ..1-11 Crossword 8 Movies 9 Dear Abby 9 Community ....10 Section D Sports 14 Section E Money 14 , Tradewinds 4 Classified 4B Section F Classified 1-8 r Ws[i Ua Bnc)dtd(i9e(. h* fctifc aiil mifc Or Ti B^c m hi mde about drug use is deddccflycasaal lie likcss his phtlasopl? Highs from the lower 30s to near 40, Sunday night mostly clear. Highs in the 40s.'Lows in the 20s, Monday cloudy vnift a chance of show showers. I’m sure.” Circulation Ty Ransdell, circulation director Circulation phone linos arc open between 7 nnd 10 a.m. If you do not receive your paper by 7 a.m., call the number for your area; Jerome-Wendcil- Coodin R-IIagerman S36-2S3S Burley-Rupcrt. The cause of'ihis processing impair- ment is 05 yet undecermined, but researchers agree that whereas dyslexia may tutimatcly prove to be organic in nature, it can be remediated. to a sasusio _fimathc Lt^tar AVa Ts”B«rrks.„ think Da^ Vadcr teas iriser ihaa Yoda because be tried all bad things,” Giay^n D «=i»h Some people can handle drags, bo: others can't, he said. **1 think that people who bare the strength to use it casoallyvi think thsfs a good thing,” said Cxayfaal L IS. Highs in the upper 30sw-~ Northern Utah Sunday areas of morning and night valley fog; otlicnvisc partly, cloudy tviilt urban haze. Paul-Oakley 678-2552 Duhl-Casdcford 543-4648 -Filer-Ho Rerson-Hol Iisier- .-326-S375- Twin Falls and other ureas 733-0931 Subscription rates Home delivery: daily and Sunday. The oncc-popular idea that- more boys than girls arc dyslexic has been proven untrue. 35 Nobody’s fool 36 Spoken 37 Inner core 38 Surfy utterance 42 Pulchritudinous 43 Bike power 44 Pro|oc1ionist’s 45 Ring gem 47 Tuskers 48 Boxing wins 49 Wave parts 50 Sprints 52 Hush-hush subjecf 53 Mitlh 55 Fon the Hemes 56 Hold firmly 57 Boer 58 Uko a polar cap 60 Charter 61 Conslollalion 62 •— Ffomo* 64 Cotiain booka: abbr. I&C MOTORSPORTS 140 Blake SL CHRIS JORDAN MAZDA-VOLKSWACEN 1534 Blue Lakes Blvd. 26 — Idaho F.-dls-Wyoming line, icy spots, broken snow floor, Blackfool-Areo, dry. Such children are considered to be at risk of having self-esteem problems. Our tentative sche Jul B lor this Sprlna, 1997, Is as ftillons Dato January 25 Fobnjary 8 February 13.... Page C7 an important part of the child- rearing process from the start? If that were true, hospitals would not force new dads to sleep sitting up in a wood- en rocking chair designed by the some folks Aho built the rack and the iron maidcru I was sulking in the sleepless semi-darkness of the hospital room when my wife took pity on me and found something impoi‘- „taxn-f Qr-me-to-do~I^Honcy,.l think (he baby needs to be changed.” Now, I wonder where that base- ball glove is. 1990 LINCOLN TOWN CAR l U i(inl'-y Qii for not s Jumng' and “Keep it to ' yourself'" diemnm. as the — tn^^ahditt&ewae-more-thait — -popolar—theory— goes,— they — jnjrro becomc aothoritarian; perfec* HUrk- tin g tinrr wjg tionis, haid-drmng and respcn- was ai gjadhatc snxdeac at sable. birth Last-bor a s, the babies of the — g nd fag w aa tarc phi o na bie s n b* famifyrea B b^r'paatpcred atid-— jises asuiug: psychology sta~ spoiled. Fair many., the basic easy pang and popohir, and iglr Tu.adbnnrrrfibgpsctitu Iosist sne risk, bat they can retsain •yjfrwll in: tfb» eariv 20th m » » jrrrt eabierab^ mieimry;.

Nine of the 11 have increased their grades in at least half of their subjects, Doggett said. The ointour of your ears are used to capture sounds like nature manual volume control.. CCC4 | ■You worked for it, why wait lofiger than you need to? Haveyou ever wondered what to do with that lone- | fy-sxfcwlsn fts match in the dryer? bar my mom sa)v lhat it's nor safe to pat in my name, addrm. E’mali address, photos of me, and other yenona T infx ■ How eome T— Ewn, Mijpilas, CA : Dear Evan; Your mom is tight to be concerned. a cool nickname rather than your real name and list alt of ! Sullovray — has spcnr-thc-lasr 26-years — researching and honing his-368- - page argument, which includes an additional 285 pages of acadc- ■ mic appendixes.

Tlie children have received her services any^vhere from three montlis to three years. piie andl pzacrically self'cri* feel squeezed oot of any prnri- rfi»’io ’ Ytnur plime' in. Sis K'axodisiy'thac firstboiss ttators or reszata troobted ftnd- Hiiidi.- io) rffa»- fi»n: «gi TT nf tht ^ r pgr- ing r hei r own ph»-»» Bill Clinton, George Washington rank among famous firstborns Flist bom * ' Cour mey Love A punk pr ovo- 'cateur, she noncific T^’ollsher- sclf, a la author Frank Su Uoway, a “classic Hrstbom — s’cry con- serrarivc,a real tiadinonal Lst.'' • Gn Acrinc Font The sixth tvife of Henry Vm, she was the only firstborn and the only one to out- live him.

Sklavos takes copious notes on their behavior, helps improve their grades, teaches them hygiene and social skills and even works with families to show them how they can better “dcal'wirh'theirchildrenr Sklavos keeps track of six chil- dren this year. was scdncxirele sim* Those in the rrrfftrf T^ it a oi/l. w/t i iiiij S OTnc pprs nisj ti Ty any either [earn fn hem m ^ rwy\.

tain programs throu^ the com- munity, not with taxes. Last-bom Fenyaniin Franklin: The' youngest son of the youngest son for five generations; a rc^l who earned fame as printer, scientist, statesman.

“To me, that reduces their risk of doing any type of drugs.” Some lawmakers arc wary of exhausting taxpayers’ patience - for-expensive-programs.-Rop- Celia Gould, R-Uuhl, said she encourages schools to fund ccr- . Lunch: Junior highs have a choice of main line or second line menu. ' Others: Donald Trump, Fidel Castro, Barbara Walters. Lincoln SUBWAY 260 Coif Course Road TERRYS BESTWAY 900 N.

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