Speed dating in nashville tennessee

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“I’ll give you 0 for the tall one over there,” he says.

Isaac, his four brothers, and five sisters were born in that house.

Then comes the sound of men singing, “Cut him down, cut him down, catch him if you can.” There’s a river and a field and a few scattered houses between Nashville and Franklin’s coffle coming down Gallatin Pike, but once it crests the hill at what will one day be known as Eastland Avenue, everyone up on the bluff can see it.

A great centipede of 200 men chained together at the waist, their hands locked behind their backs, marching toward Nashville.

A hundred women and children follow behind in wagons, destined for sale.

A man with a fiddle walks alongside the chained men, playing to keep them moving at the same speed. Nashville is a village of 5,500 people living near the crumbling remains of Fort Nashborough.

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