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Optical methods provide a continuous flow of hyperpolarized molecules.The method presented here is fundamentally different.

Indeed, signal may be acquired until the required signal-to-noise or resolution is achieved.

This effect depends on the long-lived, entangled spin-order of parahydrogen and an exchange reaction in a low magnetic field of 10 Tesla.

Hence, the nuclear magnetic moments align almost randomly and almost cancel each other out. of the magnetic moments of hydrogen nuclei that are observed in a magnetic field of 1 Tesla.

After depletion by excitation, the hyperpolarization level recovers with a time constant of 5 s to a level of 10The para order of hydrogen is transformed to hyperpolarization by reversible exchange and at least partially lost in the process; the hyperpolarized signal is detected and is thus depleted by radio frequency (RF); the process continues and, depending on the para order available, hyperpolariaztion is restored.

Note that p HAs the HP state is continuously restored by this method, its lifetime is no longer a concern.

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