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In the first, Crane exposed himself to a tanning salon attendant. One psychologist concluded that the two diagnoses in combination placed Crane within the listed sexual disorders covered by the SVPA, "cit[ing] the increasing frequency of incidents involving [respondent], increasing intensity of the incidents, [respondent's] increasing disregard for the rights of others, and his increasing daring and aggressiveness." Another psychologist testified that Crane's behavior was marked by "impulsivity or failure to plan ahead," indicating his unlawfulness "was a combination of willful and uncontrollable behavior," id., at 584-585, 7 P. The State's experts agreed, however, that "[r]espondent's mental disorder does not impair his volitional control to the degree he cannot control his dangerous behavior." Id., at 581, 7 P. Crane moved for a summary judgment which was denied by the trial court and gave jury instructions to the terms of the statute. The Kansas Supreme Court reversed, holding the SVPA unconstitutional as Crane had only a personality disorder rather than a volitional impairment.

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After Crane's guilty plea, the State petitioned to have Crane evaluated and adjudicated a sexual predator under Kansas' SVPA which permits the civil detention of a person convicted of any of several listed sexual offenses, if it can be proven beyond a reasonable doubt that he suffers from a "mental abnormality"—a disorder affecting his "emotional or volitional capacity which predisposes the person to commit sexually violent offenses"—or a "personality disorder," either of "which makes the person likely to engage in repeat acts of sexual violence." Kan. They concluded that the Kansas Supreme Court interpreted Kansas v.

Hendricks too restrictively when they ruled that a sexual offender who has only an emotional or personality disorder, not a volitional impairment, must be found not to have the ability to control dangerous behavior.

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