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People like to surround themselves with people that make them happy.Think about the people you like spending time with? Do they give you compliments, or help you with things?You see, when most people meet me now they are surprised when I tell them things like: But don’t feel sorry for me – pretty much everything in the above list was my fault.I wasn’t unattractive, but I made no effort in my appearance (and in fact I used to say things like “it doesn’t matter since people should judge me for what is on the inside, not what I look like.”). After growing up as such a misfit and outcast, I clung to the fact that I was smart.I believe that you can learn anything that you put your mind to mastering.My mom was a single mother, working as a waitress; so growing up I had to care for my younger sister, and started working as soon as I had a work permit to help with expenses.

I would glare enviously at the pretty girls; the ones that were all pulled together that caught the attention and eyes of everyone in the room.

I developed a love for high heels, handbags, and a few years later started wearing makeup. I upgraded from the mattress on the floor and futon in the living room, to a bed frame and real couch. I enjoyed being in my living room and lying on a bed with 600-thread count sheets. Why should you care what you look like, and what your apartment looks like?

I painted my walls to be non-white and hung some pictures – what once looked like a bachelor apartment (with a computer that cost more than all my furniture put together) started to look like a real home. Well besides making myself a lot happier I also learned that the person I project affected the people around me – especially their initial judgments of who I am and what I stand for.

My deep-rooted insecurity drove everyone away (and if you were one of those people, please know that I am sorry).

However, I like to think that things are different now, and I have made the transition from this overweight, less attractive girl, to a mature and pretty woman.

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