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We are a very small staff, so I didn’t mind helping out to keep the peace.

Now, their requests are interfering with my typical days off (Saturdays, Fridays), so I’m increasingly having to adjust my schedule – and now, even a vacation – to make accommodations for the end of their relationship.

Ultimately what really matters is whether you have pleasant coworkers who are good at their jobs, easy to work with, and people you can learn from. Boss flies first class while the rest of us are in coach I was recently laid off from a small company (fewer than 10 employees).

This employer had provided me with insurance throughout my tenure, and notified me that our insurance benefits would be ending shortly after I’d been laid off (I was given the option to purchase a COBRA plan through this employer, but didn’t wish to do so).

Hopefully it’s not Dawn but instead is someone above her, and you could talk to that person about what happened and share your desire to reach out to the company that staffs the mailroom.

It was my first real job after graduating from grad school, and I’ve learned a ton. I’ve become extremely close with about three women there, and I dare say they have become some of my best friends.

We loved her; she was breath of fresh air, very approachable and easy to work with.

She had an excellent work ethic and always eager to help the staff in our building.

In any case, Dawn made such a fuss with that other company that instead of replacing Kathy, they fired her.

There are numerous people throughout my company who are appalled that this has happened to Kathy and would like to contact that other company and tell them what Dawn said about Kathy simply isn’t true and how much we all loved working with her.

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