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For all of his bravado, Drake is more of an unrequited lover than a lothario.It would, for example, be extremely charitable to call his most famous dalliance, with pop goddess Rihanna, a “relationship.” At best, it was a casual dating scenario—at worst, Rihanna didn’t even realize that they were “together” until Drake shouted it from the proverbial rooftops at the VMAs.Rihanna, who has been linked to Lewis Hamilton and Leonardo Dicaprio in the past, is thought to be currently single.But the pair, who collaborated on single Work last January, clearly have a lot of mutual respect for one another as people and for their career.

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While she and Drake were undeniably cute together, Rhianna's life is crazy-busy.And years on, everyone is still asking whether Rihanna and Drake are together.Recently while performing in London's Dome, the Hot Line Bling hit maker called his ex girlfriend the "queen" as he told the crowd: "She's like the queen of everything.Drake is famous for many things—his half-Jewish heritage, his turtlenecks, and for being the first major hip-hop star to come up in world of scripted Canadian teen dramas.As one of the inarguable hip-hop heavyweights of his generation, the artist formerly known as wheelchair Jimmy has infused the rap world with his sad-boy mentality.

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