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The following example illustrates some of the DBI capabilities: : they cannot be instantiated directly and instead must be subclassed.

The following history of DBI was contributed by David James, the driving force behind the development of DBI, and many of the packages that implement it.

It was at this point that I decided to drop S-Plus altogether.

Around that time, I came across a very early implementation of SQLite and I was quite interested and thought it was a very nice RDBMS that could be used for all kinds of experimentation, etc., so it was pretty easy to implement on top of the DBI.

The idea/work of interfacing S (originally S3 and S4) to RDBMS goes back to the mid- and late 1990's in Bell Labs.

The first toy interface I did was to implement John Chamber's early concept of "Data Management in S" (1991).

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By around 2003, the DBI was more or less implemented as it is today. Within the R community, there were quite a number of people that showed interest on defining a common interface to databases, but only a few folks actually provided code/suggestions/etc. (Tim Keitt was most active with the dbi/Postgre SQL packages --- he also was considering what he called "proxy" objects, which was reminiscent of what Duncan had been doing). The implementation followed that interface pretty closely and immediately showed some of the limitations when dealing with very large databases; if my memory serves me, the issue was the instance-based of the language back then, e.g., if you attached an RDBMS to the path and then needed to resolve a symbol "foo", you effectively had to bring all the objects in the database to check their mode/class, i.e., the instance object had the metadata in itself as attributes.The experiment showed that the S3 implementation of "data management" was not really suitable to large external RDBMS (probably it was never intended to do that anyway).

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