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Sometimes, the game's developers censor the naughty bits and re-upload the games, but sometimes they stay down for good.

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"Valve has not yet given us a reason why this policy has changed," said Manga Gamer's PR director and head translator John Pickett.

So while the multiplayer lobbies won’t be busting at the seams like you’re used to in flatscreen media, you’re still bound to find a group of casuals, die-hards, and try-hards populating the servers.

We’ll be going through the best cross-compatible games for Rift and Vive, and PSVR.

Since then, multiple other developers, including visual novel powerhouse Manga Gamer, have chimed in with similar claims.

Speaking with a website called , Manga Gamer said it received a notice from Valve instructing it to remove all mentions of uncensor patches from its games' pages on October 27.

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