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Whatever your role within the industry, you have a part to play and IFSEC International is your arena.Take part in the big discussions, hear from strategic global security leaders, get hands on with the security technology of tomorrow, and be inspired.Women of all ages experience healthy weight loss, an improvement in controlling blood sugar, in sleep quality sleep, and a reduction in menopausal symptoms such as hot flashes or night sweats.A ketogenic diet for either men or women shifts eating habits away from carbohydrate dominance to getting as much as 80% of daily caloric intake from healthy fat sources.But the keto diet’s health benefits don’t begin or end there.There has long been an established history of healing linked to it, including its ability to reduce the risk of developing diabetes, increasing energy, and protecting against various types of age-related neurological disease.

The vast majority of medical professionals report that they rarely see the keto diet fail to produce benefits.

Join the beginning of this journey with IFSEC 2018.

Download the IFSEC International 2018 exhibiting brochure to discover more about who you could meet at IFSEC, including example job titles and companies, visitor breakdown by country, and visitor budgets.

Yet, in spite of the established research, many people are still unsure if a ketogenic diet for addressing women’s health issues is a wise choice.

Part of the reason for the public uncertainty is that most of the research studies that have investigated the effectiveness and safety of the keto diet have centered on male or animal test subjects.

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