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When things appear to be hedging toward a blowout, Markman urges couples to do what parents often tell young children: Take a "time out." It's a tactic he calls "exiting out of destructive fighting." As parents often ask a child stewing in the time-out corner what she could have done differently, Markman suggests that couples in conflict take time to consider what brought them together in the first place.

Far more significant than these factors -- yes, even more important than heart-pounding lust, which, let's face it, often fades over time -- is communication, says Markman.

They do require “attention and intention.”She likens a relationship to a plant.

In order to stay healthy, a plant requires daily attention and care, such as water and sunlight.

And these habits don’t have to be grand gestures or sweeping changes.

Bush thinks of these healthy habits as “very small, almost imperceptible, easy things to do” throughout the day.

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