Grany dating

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“They don’t want to drive because maybe they can’t at night, so they want to have lunch. “If it’s not close to at least a year, I don’t want to bother with them.

Or they’ll have coffee in the afternoon.” That’s not always easy for Gail, who says she feels young and likes to “do things and go places.” Even in the senior dating pool, the eternal problem of the younger woman persists. Let them go through their mourning.” As for Stollak working as a TV writer and cheerfully dating, though not online.

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When Kayli Stollak got home from her first online date, she immediately called one of her best girlfriends and trusted confidante: her grandma Gail.

“A man my age is interested in a woman in her 60s,” granny says. Now it’s usually through people in her building or men her friends fix her up with. When she goes out, advice from Granny Gail always rings in her head: “You never want to be with someone who doesn’t want to be with you,” she recites.

Still, the pair wound up having plenty of adventures — and after Stollak starting blogging about them she landed a writeup in Oprah magazine and appearances on “Good Morning America,” and CNN followed.

Before they hit the Web, both Stollak and Gail were hung up on past loves. And we’d talk about it.” Stollak helped granny sign up for the Jewish dating website JDate, and Gail took to it like a pro, dialing down her age by two years and specifying she was only interested in finding a “worldly” man. She dated her ex-husband for only five weeks before tying the knot at 19 in 1954.

“We were wasting time wallowing on the sidelines,” Stollak writes. Six weeks later, she was pregnant, and two years after that her husband admitted cheating on her.

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