Dating in cairo

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Summing up: Stylish mixture of comedy and fantasy, fully deserving the many nominations and awards it won that year.Life in Cairo is much the same as it is in any other city of the world.Rawlings did not begin supplying baseballs to the major leagues until around 1970.The home run ball would have been a Spalding baseball in 1960.But the story is highly implausible, full of holes, and just not very good.If you want to see this because of Liam Neeson and/or Viggo Mortensen, forget it. Mortensen has a big scene toward the end of the movie, if you're still watching.

Farrow is the Depression-era movie fan whose film idol walks right off the screen and interjects himself into her life--brightening it, at least for awhile, until the rather downbeat ending.When she visits the airline's terminal in Veracruz, she discovers her husband was pumping large amounts of money into bank accounts all over the world.As she begins systematically recovering her husband's money, she discovers that someone else has beat her to some of the accounts.When she reaches one of the last banks, she realizes that her husband is still alive.The "you're supposed to be dead but you're still alive" scenario has been used often - "The Third Man" and the wonderful Goldie Hawn film, "Deception" come to mind. The scenery is glorious, and Mac Dowell is effective and beautiful as a courageous woman who is tougher than she looks.

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