Dating a newly separated women jewish men dating non jews

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‘She comes up to the window and calls out to me, “I want to show you something.” ‘I was like, “What are you up to now Paige?”, I couldn’t be bothered with any more of her drama.All I remember is that their relationship wasn’t healthy.’ ‘Paige was a young thing who was very much taken advantage of by the men of Hollywood, she was intelligent and talented, it’s a tragedy what happened to her.’ ‘She told me about all the men who had abused her.She said she had an affair with John Huston, and that he had done things to her, abused her.First, dark occultism is a integral part of Monarch Programming which leads MK slaves to become obsessed with occult symbols.This probably explains why a pentagram, a symbol that is used in ritual magick, was laid out on the floor of her room.MK slaves also develop an obsession with their handler/programmer whom they often end up referring to as “the devil” or “Satan”.

Friends of Young believe that the elaborate setup of her suicide room was an attempt to bring mass media attention to the sick ways of the Hollywood elite.‘The whole wall was a shrine saying, “I hate Hugh Hefner”, the crux of her anger was against him.The description of Young’s suicide room contains several revealing details.The details of her death are symptomatic of the mind state of a Monarch programming victim.Former model Melanie Myers, who still lives in Hollywood, remembers that fateful day clearly.

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