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Puzzle dons the skin and, though not completely convincing in daylight, he does present a satisfactory illusion in dim firelight or moonlight.Suddenly a great thunderclap knocks both animals to the ground.The story of The Last Battle begins with a donkey, Puzzle, and an old ape, Shift, sitting on the banks of Caldron Pool on the Western Edge of Narnia beyond Lantern Waste.

Ginger the Cat asks if Aslan is no more than Tash and it is confirmed by the Calormene soldier.

Other Calormenes shortly discovered the slayings of their countrymen and pursue Tirian into the forest.

Tirian runs a short distance but stops, feeling guilty of some treachery for killing the two soldiers.

He returns to the Calormene camp and gives himself up.

He requests an audience with Aslan but was taken before the ape.

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