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The agency which targets organised networks adds: "Albanian crime groups have established a high-profile influence within UK organised crime."They have considerable control across UK drug trafficking, with particular impact on the cocaine market." Five killers escaped justice from their homeland by using the war refugee scam to beat UK immigration barriers.He said: "In 1998 when a huge wave of Albanian arrived in the UK that was used as a huge opportunity by those wanted for justice in their homeland to hide - including murderers."Word was passed around that by saying you were from Kosovo, it was easy to get to London. "The main problem now is they have British passports under different names which makes it difficult for police to identify them.SIX Albanian murderers have conned their way into the UK by posing as refugees from the Kosovo war, The Sun can reveal.They are amongst more than 300 from the tiny Balkans nation so far stripped of their British citizenship by the Home Office.

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Klemend Zeqaj, real name Ilirian Zeqaj murdered two in the Albanian village of Cakran in 1999 but slipped into the UK three months later before being sentenced in his absence to 23 years He also held British citizenship in the alias of Klemend Zeqaj using his real date of birth.

A Kosovan solicitor based in East London with close knowledge of the con said 300 charlatans had received letters in Albanian saying their British citizenship was "null and void under section 20 of the Nationality Act due to impersonation".

But the lawyer - anonymous through fear of reprisals - warned it was just the "tip of the iceberg" and the actual number of cheats was in the thousands.

Abdul Mekra, real name Avni Metra, sentenced to 25 years in his homeland for battering to death a victim with the butt of a machine gun. For almost 20 years, Metra lived on benefits in Borehamwood, Herts., but was arrested in June 2016 driving through Watford and extradited.

Afrim Pulaj, real name Afrim Sinani charged with murder after an argument in an Albanian graveyard in 1996 and sentenced to 20 years After a year he escaped prison and arrived in Britain with his wife in the back of a lorry, and claimed more than £20,000 a year in benefits for his family.

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