An intimidating tenant

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Evictions South East can deal with the situation quickly: we can issue either a Section 21 Notice, or a Section 8 Notice under the Housing Act 1988 (or, if appropriate, both simultaneously) and we can then ensure that the tenant is evicted quickly.

If we deal with the eviction for you, not only can you be saved the aggravation, especially if you have been being harassed or threatened, but you can also be sure that we prepare all documents and details correctly, so that we ensure a speedy eviction, first time.

Evictions South East offer all landlords and letting agents a free initial eviction case review to help and advise you on which eviction process would be the quickest and most suitable for your situation.

Please contact us today "Throughout the process they [Evictions South East] were very knowledgeable and provided us with regular updates of the case status.

Having a legal representative at the court gave us additional piece of mind and we went into the hearing expecting a positive outcome - they delivered on this as well! "Many thanks to Evictions South East without whose help I would have struggled to cope.

Often, we find that if there is a case of harassment from the tenant towards the landlord, the tenant often stops the behaviour when they find that they are dealing with a company, and not an individual landlord.

Sadly some landlords do feel threatened by their tenants behaviour, and some are even verbally or physically abused as a result.

It could be that your tenant is unhappy with a rent increase, which was necessary because of the rising cost of landlord insurance: this happened to Sam, a landlord from Kent.

As a landlord, you are protected under the law from a tenant who might call you constantly, apologising for their behaviour and asking to stay in the property, or from one who becomes threatening to you.

You are well supported under the law, and not being harassed is your legal, as well as moral, right.

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